problem of showing the ZMP marker during walking

I have simulated humanoid walking in Choreonoid but the ZMP marker does not move during walking, however, the projection of CoM and CoM markers move. I guess one thing is wrong with the ZMP marker.
Would anyone please help me that how can I solve this problem?
Thanks in advance,

Are you using model comes with Choreonoid or using model made by yourself?

If you are using your own model, there may be inconsistent parameter in physical properties of the model (mass, centerOfMass, inertia matrix of each links).

Dear Yosuke ,
I’ve tested ZMP marker on both the Choreonoid sample models and my models. both of them does not work.
For example, I’ve tested ZMP marker for SR1walk.cnoid project and also the GR001sample.cnoid project but ZMP does not move, however the Center of mass marker moves.
Thank you very much for your time and help.

The ZMP marker is just a maker to represent the corresponding state variable of an body object, and the state variable is not updated by usual simulation. If you want to show the ZMP position corresponding to the current dynamics state of the robot, you have to calculate it by yourself and store it to BodyItem’s zmp state by using BodyItem::setZMP function.

The marker and variable were originally implemented for the purpose of choreographing motions of a biped humanoid robot. The choreography functions implemented in PoseSeqPlugin use the marker and variable.

Thank you very much for your help.
Would you please guide me how can I receive F/T sensors data(for calculating zmp) in BodyItem class?
I have received the F/T sensor data in my controller file(is based on SimpleController) but I don’t know how can I receive F/T sensor data in BodyItem class to calculate ZMPand setting the ZMP!