I met a compile error in the WorldROSItem.cpp

Thank you for your great effort on the development of the Choreonoid.

I compiled choreonoid, choreonoid_ros, and so on with following Choreonoid関連パッケージのビルド — Choreonoid 開発版 ドキュメント, I met a compile error.
I pasted the error message below. You should read it with the fixed-width font like the MONOSPACE font, or you can not locate where the error is.

/home/shimizulab/catkin_ws/src/choreonoid_ros/src/plugin/WorldROSItem.cpp: In member function ‘void cnoid::WorldROSItem::Impl::setCurrentSimulatorItem(cnoid::SimulatorItem*)’:
/home/shimizulab/catkin_ws/src/choreonoid_ros/src/plugin/WorldROSItem.cpp:201:69: error: no matching function for call to ‘cnoid::SignalProxy<void()>::connect(cnoid::WorldROSItem::Impl::setCurrentSimulatorItem(cnoid::SimulatorItem*)::<lambda(bool)>)’
[&](bool /* isForced */){ clearCurrentSimulatorItem(); }));

My PC environment:
OS: Ubuntu 18.04

I hope this help your job.


Hi @m_shimizu

Although the same compile error appears in my environment, updating choreonoid_ros resolves it.
Please check if your local choreonoid_ros is the latest.

I found that the following commit is essential to build it with the latest Choreonoid.


Thank you, I solved my issue.
That was caused by using the WRS2020 branch.
I will send a request for updating the WRS2020 branch to Dr.Nakaoka.

Thank you so much.