Error when importing PYD files from the cnoid

I am getting import error when executing from the sample/python dir.

What do you want to do with
Incidentally, running this script by itself usually produces the following results.

The Eigen library version 3.4.0 is used (SIMD intruction sets in use: SSE, SSE2).
Body customizer "/home/nakaoka/choreonoid/build/lib/choreonoid-2.2/customizer/" for Labo1 has been loaded.
Body customizer "/home/nakaoka/choreonoid/build/lib/choreonoid-2.2/customizer/" for CustomizedSpringModel has been loaded.
Body-plugin has been activated.
Assimp-plugin has been activated.
Python-plugin has been activated.
PythonSimScript-plugin has been activated.
URDF-plugin has been activated.
OpenGL 3.3 (GLSL 3.30 NVIDIA via Cg compiler) is available for the "Scene" view.
Driver profile: NVIDIA Corporation NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3080/PCIe/SSE2 3.3.0 NVIDIA 535.171.04.
Loading Python Script "/home/nakaoka/choreonoid/sample/python/"
-> ok!
Execution of Python script "" has been started.
The execution of Python script "" has been finished.

@nakaoka I am currently working on developing a simulator using Python, and I was testing the sample file to check if the imports are functioning correctly on my setup. I’ve conducted further debugging and discovered that importing PYD files from the cnoid folder results in an import error. However, when I add a .py file and import it, it works as expected. Could you provide any insights or assistance on how to resolve the issue with the PYD files? Thank you for your help.