Convert Body file to URDF file

Hi, I have a question.
In order to implement original robot model with ROS packages, not only Body file but URDF file are necessary.
Is there any automation tools to convert from Body file to URDF file ?
Also, I found following page about the correspondence between Body and URDF files.

So, when above conditions are satisfied, are there any auto conversion tools ?

Thank you forward.
I will ask a same question on Japanese page.

I am sorry, there is no tool to convert from Body file to URDF at present.

For the old model file format based on VRML97, file conversion tool ‘simtrans’ is available.
However, this tool does not seem to support the new Body file format.

Which model would you like to convert?
If you are trying to use a model including VRML mesh files, and it is difficult to convert them into STL files that can be loaded from URDF, we could convert the mesh files. Please let us know if you would like it.

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I understood.

Which model would you like to convert?

I will plan to convert modified Aizu Spider & Double Arm models.
I would like to start to convert VRML to URDF. After that, if I still have a problem, I will ask about STL type model.

Anyway, I thought this topic is valuable not only for Japanese but English speakers. That’s why I opened the same issue both Japanese and English.
If you think it has no meaning to answer both, please close one of them.

Best Regards.