Choreographing tool documentation

Dr. Nakaoka, thanks for your amazing work developing and maintaining Chorenoid. It is really a fantastic tool.

I was wondering if there is documentation on how to use the choreographing tool (in English or Japanese is OK). I checked the documentation but couldn’t find anything about how to use this feature. I am able to run the choreographic example project (e.g. PoseSeq/GR001.cnoid) and have been able to figure some things out by trial and error but was wondering if there exists some documentation that you could point me to.


A tutorial video of the choreography feature is available on YouTube, although it is in Japanese and was created over 10 years ago.

I am sorry about the lack of documentation for this feature.

It might be a good idea to hold a tutorial session in English on Zoom. Are you interested?

Thanks for the reply and pointing me to the YouTube video. I’ll check it out.

Sure. If you happen to make a tutorial session I’ll be very interested in attending. Thanks!

Thank you for your interest in a tutorial session.
I’m wondering when we should hold this event.
Please let me know your preferred time frame.
Note that right now I have a cold and a cough, so it is a bit difficult for me to give a lecture.
So I would like to hold it in the next week or later.
I would also like to make it an open session so that anyone else who is interested can attend.

Thanks again for the kind offer. I am in the EST zone but I am very flexible with any time frame that works for you in JST and you consider it might work best for other attendees. An open session sounds excellent and beneficial for other people that might be interested. The week of the 24th sounds great.

Sorry for the delay in response.

I would like to propose the following time slots for holding the tutorial:

  1. EST 9:00 / JST 23:00
  2. EST 22:00 / JST 12:00

Could you please let me know which one works better for you? If a slightly adjusted time would be preferable, we can also arrange for that.

The duration of the tutorial is expected to be around 1-2 hours. If you prefer it to be shorter, please let me know.

As for the date of the session, I am available during the week of July 31st. If you are also able to participate during this week, please let me know your preferred day. If this does not suit your schedule, we can also arrange for a later week.

The week of July 31st also works. How about August 1st at 9:00 EST? Thanks for accommodating your schedule to hold this session.

Thanks Carlos for sharing your schedule preference.
August 1st at 9:00 EST is fine for me as well.
I have decided to hold the choreographing tool training session on this date and time.
Please access the session using the following Zoom link:

Topic: Choreonoid training session
Time: Aug 1, 2023 11:00 PM Osaka, Sapporo, Tokyo
Join Zoom Meeting

I will think about the content of the training and will give you an outline here later.
The training session is open to all and anyone interested is welcome to attend!

Sounds great, Dr. Nakaoka. Looking forward to it. I already booked my calendar and also invited one of my colleagues. Thanks!

I have added the body file of HRP-4C to the Choreonoid repository, and I would like to use this model in the training session.

I have also added sample projects for HRP-4C, which include sample dance motions created with the choreography function.

Please update Choreonoid to the latest development version and be prepared.
Please turn on the following options during the build process.


This can be accomplished by executing the following command lines in Ubuntu 22.04:

sudo apt install git
git clone
cd choreonoid
cmake --build build --parallel 32

In the last “–parallel” option, set the number of logical cores of the CPU.

If the build is successful, you can execute Choreonoid with


A sample of HRP-4C can be loaded with

./build/bin/choreonoid sample/HRP4C/HRP4C-TurnToTheFuture.cnoid

Sorry, I found some bugs related with choreography function and committed the bug fix version.
Please update the Choreonoid source code and recompile it before joining the training session.
The training session will begin as scheduled.

You can update Choreonoid with the following commands:

cd choreonoid
git pull
cmake --build build --parallel 32
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Thank you, Carlos, and thank you to everyone who participated. It seems that we were able to record the event and I would like to upload that video to YouTube.

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Thanks for the great session! It was very informative and valuable to help us get started with the choreographic features in Chorenoid.