Announcement of Github repository changes

Regarding the Choreonoid repositories on Github, the personal account s-nakaoka has been used, but now the repository has been moved to the choreonoid account, which is an organization account.

The address of the Choreonoid repository has been changed as follows:

The related repositories have moved to this organization as well.

The contents of the repositories are the same as before, so you can simply change the address of the repositories.

To do it, you can execute the following command in your local repository:

git remote set-url origin

Note that the “origin” should be replaced with the name of the repository you are actually using.

The reason for this migration is as follows. Choreonoid was developed by the developer, Shin’ichiro Nakaoka, to conduct his research on humanoid robots, and he used his personal github account to publish Choreonoid as an open-source software. At the beginning of the publication, the aim was to publish the results of the research. After that, the use of Choreonoid is spreading and the industrial applications of it are also being promoted by Choreonoid Inc. In this situation, it is not systematic to continue to manage the official repositories with a personal account in the future.

By managing it with Github’s organization, Choreonoid can be more public and we can take the advantage of the organization’s membership functions. This will make it easier to manage the development community. We hope that this will lead to the further development of Choreonoid.